Building Together: A Blue and Green Sanur Village

For Us, By Us, From us


What's Eco Sanur

This is an effort initiates by Sanur Community. It started by many individuals and many different local groups, all who happens to Care about Sanur and want to do something real:  How to improved , enhance or making Sanur a better place, based on “TRIHITA KARANA” (the Balinese philosophy for a balanced & integrated social, cultural, environmental, physical, economic development).

What's The Objective?

The objective is to implement concrete actions for a better Sanur. Some like to see a cleaner beach,  a saferstreets, a more comfortable side walk,  a more respected cultural and religious zones, less crime, eradication ofthe slums, prostitutions, a better livelihood for the fishermen and the peoples who lives in there.

In general, a wish to develop Sanur as an integrated unity:  A cultural, social, and environmentally friendly village and able to become a unique tourist destination to recapture Sanur’s former magic.